Gianmarco Limenta

Italian born, Gianmarco Limenta is a music producer, Dj of the electronic music.
His professional Dj career started in 2001 as a Dj in some of smaller clubs in northern of Italy 
and in a short time his insightful talent for music allowed his to play in some of the best clubs 
in Europe Including Eclipse (Barcelona), Just Cavalli (Milano) to name just a few.

Jorge Ochoa

Producer from Orizaba city, Veracruz, Mexico. Lover of good music, their musical tastes have assabled them with technology nowadays, their genres within electronic music have mixed them with their personal tastes, such as jazz, soul, R&B, Lounge, Chill, 80’s Pop Music, Latin Music, Rumba, and Deep Sounds, creating a new sound and deep house style, has produced tracks on several important labels of Mexico, Holland and in the present time for a label from Spain (Wostok Records).His first production was released in 2012 but his experience in music production began in 2008 exploring and experimenting with music production software, satisfying the ears of many people.

Gigi el Amoroso  

Barcelona (1971) has been on the scene for 20 years. Visiting more than 150 clubs around Europe. From the beginning, deep house, hip-hop and nu-jazz were his language when creating his sets, deepening later in various aspects of the house and nudisco. Adding later other currents as the future listening (lounge). His sessions are full of elegance, rhythm and a subtle sense of humor that characterizes him and makes him an authentic dandy after the dishes, forming an authentic musical guateque. As a producer to his credit several albums published in various record labels in addition to several remixes for other groups. Owner and founder of the Wostok records label.   



Varon Dandy

Since 1995 I have been a musician, producer, remixer and Dj from Spain. I have presented my works and discographic debut 'Varon Dandy' (2007) in festivals like Sonar (Barcelona) and regularly played as a Dj and sound selector in clubs and events all around Spain.  

Cinematic, electronic, groovy, camp and dancefloor oriented. I am very into any underground culty feeling that could help anyone to create an identity beyond the main stream.     

Amado Olvera

Was born in the city of Mexico. He started as a producer at age 15. Later he visited the renowned music school G. Martell.After spending 4 years and graduating, he creates with other partners the record label Lighter records.

He has produced 3 Eps for various labels and several remixes.


Gaby M  

Is an all-round music lover, he is always pushing his boundaries in the studio while producing music with many different kinds of musical influences trying to bring together his favorites grooves from Disco, Soul, Funk, Reggae, House, and Rock. His sound is a modern blend of what he loves most, bringing into life his own vision of Disco and House. 


 In Chicago, Jay Brown Jr. aka Whosilkymusic ?, is a veteran DJ and producer with 20 years on the American scene. He presents his new album with a raw sound but at the same time with tints of the African-American tradition like those guitar winks, very typical where he resides: Alabama. He has been around music all his life. As a DJ and producer for more than 20 years, playing in local clubs, and on the radio of his Chicago city university. He had dreams about making music for people to dance. Growing up in the disco era, he loves to make music in funky beat key. Whosilkymusic? Mix all genres of dance music to create your own style!


Donald & Tramp

Said he couldn’t do it , yet Donald Trump became President, and as a result Barcelona born Dj Gigi El Amoroso and Spanish Irish Chick became musical Allies. They joined forces when they met on the English Catalan radio Station Barcelona City Fm. D&J are strictly non political on armed with satire and humour.